I write romantic suspense and warm, family relationship type novels, often with a touch of humor. Many of my books have featured animals as key players--dogs, cats, llamas, cockatiels, horses...even our son's pet albino corn snake, Sssssid, who appeared in my first Superromance back in 1999.

Animals have been a big part of my life since I was a child. How about you? I hope you'll become a "blog follower" here (see the right-hand column for a place to click) and will come back often. So...let's talk about our pets!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A dog with a mission

What a beautiful day! Brilliant sunshine, 72 degrees, bright blue sky. Here in the Midwest, it's so lush and green with all the rain we get here--a thousand different shades of green, fragrant with damp earth and just-cut alfalfa and lilacs. No matter where we travel, coming home to this verdant place fills me with such a sense of peace.

We live out in the country, and my office windows look out on our wood-fenced corrals and the pastures beyond, where the four horses are grazing, their new, summer-slick coats gleaming in the sunshine. Across the fence, four beautiful, wildly marked paint foals are romping in the neighbor's pastures--providing no end of amusement to our border collies, who are safely contained on our deck. Elmo, in particular, is a study in total concentration. Head low, ears pricked, body crouched, he stares at them for hours on end, his intensity deepening when they scatter (how dare they!) Our son Brian says we need to buy two sheep, so Elmo can spend his days keeping them together. He is a dog with a mission--but one without a job. His pal Harold, whose grinning pose appears in this post, is a border collie too, but his sole mission is to bark at cats.

Which got me thinking, this morning. Elmo knows what he is and what he needs to do. He never loses sight of that, even though he can't get close to anything he can herd. What about the rest of us...were you blessed with direction and determination from an early age? Have you followed through? Or have some of us come across our true desires later in life?

My daughter is already determined to be a writer. I have no doubt that she has the drive and ability, and that she can reach her goal if she stays on that course. I didn't start writing until we had grade-school aged children....and wish I'd started much, much sooner. How about you? What would you love to do? Have you followed your heart? Become what you want to be? Is there something you could do toward that goal now, even if it can't be achieved any time soon?


  1. I really enjoyed this post. I'm one of those who waited later in life to follow after my heart's desire. I have always loved to write. As early as the age of thirteen, I would be locked away in my room for hours and hours....writing. I dreamed of being a writer, but I never pursued it.
    But now, at the age of forty-seven, I'm working on my first book's manuscript, and I'm happier (with myself) than I have ever been.
    I've come to realize we are never to old to chase after our dreams. I'm chasing mine, and it's an amazing journey!!!!

  2. Best wishes to you, Debra! That's so true--we are never too old to go after our dreams. I would love to hear about what kind of book you are writing!

  3. Hey Roxanne,
    The kind of book I'm writing is Christian Romance Fiction. I've always loved those--Happily-everafter, heart stopping, pulse racing, makes you weak in the knees, love you forever...love stories.
    I guess you've figured out by now my genre is romance ***smiling***

  4. Are you aware of ACFW? It is the most wonderful organization for Christian writers...and their annual conference is fantastic.
    BTW--the stories you describe sound fantastic--exactly like what I love to read. PLEASE let me know when you sell it, and when it will be out in the stores!! And everyone else following this thread, take note of it too! **smile**

  5. I am a member of ACFW. Hopefully, I'll make it to Conference this year (I'm working on it)
    You just made my day!!! I will keep you updated on how my book's coming along.
    It's centered around Christmas time, and titled "Snowbound with a Stranger"
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed ***smiling***

  6. Please do let me know--I'm serious.
    I'm so glad you already know about ACFW. The conference is wonderful. I've been twice, and learned so much. This year, it's RWA in Washington DC for me, but next year I've just GOT to get back to ACFW. The atmosphere is hard to describe. It is worth every last cent!

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