I write romantic suspense and warm, family relationship type novels, often with a touch of humor. Many of my books have featured animals as key players--dogs, cats, llamas, cockatiels, horses...even our son's pet albino corn snake, Sssssid, who appeared in my first Superromance back in 1999.

Animals have been a big part of my life since I was a child. How about you? I hope you'll become a "blog follower" here (see the right-hand column for a place to click) and will come back often. So...let's talk about our pets!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I know, I know...this blog is about things with fur, feathers, fins, hooves...but I just have to ask.

Not being a gardener since I failed miserably at it years ago (great at growing weeds, never got any produce--not even zucchini, and that's a monumental testament to having a black thumb) I now have a small terrace with tomatoes and green peppers. Such fun! But...some of the veggies out there look, well, just plain weird.

Does this tomato look like anyone you know? I swear, it's the image of my organic chemistry professor back in college, when he was trying to get through to the class...poor man.

Except maybe his hair wasn't green....


  1. You've got quite a talent for growing weird veggies. I can't even do that. My thumb's not just black, it's necrotic.

  2. You did better than I did this year. I tried a container garden on my porch, everything came up, but nothing was produced! Still haven't figured that out!

  3. He's my 7th grade English teacher. First period. But he had NO hair.

  4. Love the tomato although it doesn't remind me of anyone I know :)

    P.S. I have a little cyber award for you at my blog. If you have time, please stop by :)

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