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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love, Loss and Horses... THE OLD HORSE TRADER'S TALES #10

Lost love may be a poignant, familiar theme in literature and on the silver screen, but horse trader Verne Upmier remembers a couple of livery horses who played out an equine version as touching as any that a writer could devise.

"Daisy was peppy, and needed an experienced rider," he recalls. "While Freckles was slow and quiet. They wanted to be next to each other all the time, so it worked out well to put a beginner on the gelding and a better rider on the mare.  The two horses would go down the trail, as steady as could be, and I always knew they would arrive safely home on schedule."

Alas, the  devoted companionship of the two horses didn't end  happily-ever-after.  A farmer, desperate for a good horse to use for rounding up cattle, stopped by Verne's and insisted on buying Daisy.

Verne tried matching up Freckles with other livery horses, but Freckles knew who he wanted, and no other horse could fit the bill.  The lonely gelding spent all of his time on the trails nickering and looking out over the countryside for his Daisy.  He would repeatedly try to leave the customary route, and was no longer the dependable, gentle mount he'd been before.

"He got to be sneaky," Verne remembers  "He would be standing quietly with all the other horses who were saddled and tied in the barnyard, waiting for riders.  When no one was looking, he'd escape-- leaving a herd is something that horses don't tend to do--and once again he'd be off, looking for Daisy."

One day a man called Verne from a neighboring town.  "About a half hour ago, I saw a gray horse go by with a saddle and bridle on.  Could it be yours?"

A quick check of the barnyard told Verne all he needed to know,  so he quickly drove to town, but Freckles was nowhere to be seen.  Verne drove and drove, crisscrossing the surrounding area in search of hoofprints.  Finally, far from town, he spied a set of tracks going through a roadside gate and out into a hayfield. No other horses were in sight, but there was Freckles, searching the field and whinnying for Daisy.

"It took months for him to quit looking for her," Verne says with a quiet smile.  "And he never again got so attached to another horse.  Daisy was the one who had captured his heart."

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Friday, March 5, 2010


Lope on over to my newest blog entry at www.shoutlife.com/roxannerustand, about "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON" by Leanna Ellis!     I have this book--and it is absolutely wonderful! 
It's such a unique story--with fascinating characters who absolutely come alive. It kept me turning the pages all the way through, but then I was sorry to see it end. Don't miss this one! 

Leanna Ellis
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4988- 4
B&H Publishing

Faith is the first step to soaring...

The day Armstrong stepped on the moon has special memories for most Americans, but not for Bryn Seymour. It's the day her mother died. Despite death defying feats, guilt has always pulled Bryn down time and again. But a perfect love shows her taking a leap of faith is the first step to soaring. But it only happens once in a blue moon.

About the author:

'Leanna Ellis takes a back seat to no one,' says Debbie Macomber. But Leanna hopes she allows God in the driver's seat as she taxies her two children to and from all their activities, lets her menagerie of pets in and out in and out ..., figures out what to cook for dinner (or where to order takeout), and at the same time keeps those quirky characters in her head from bothering others. Winner of the National Readers Choice Award, Leanna writes quirky women's fiction with a splash of romance. From a long line of southerners and patriots, she lives with her family in Texas.

Available on Amazon!

Excerpt Link:
http://leannaellis. com/onceinabluem oon.html

Author website and blog:
www.leannaellis. com
www.leannaellis. com/news/

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