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Animals have been a big part of my life since I was a child. How about you? I hope you'll become a "blog follower" here (see the right-hand column for a place to click) and will come back often. So...let's talk about our pets!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

An adorable dancer....with paws

This link was on my daughter's fiance's FB page...and it's so adorable.  What a sweetie!


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A new baby at our house...and it nickers!

Here is Susie QT Streke's new foal, born 5/3/11.  In this first photo, she is checking him out for the first time while his navel is being treated.

 Look at that fifth photo down, and how big he is compared to his mom.  Ouch!!

She didn't want to get up for a good 45 minutes afterwards.  She started cramping, but luckily the neighbors, who raise paints, had IV Banamine on hand. Not long after she had a dose, she was on her feet and we were able to take her and the baby up to barn because--despite that pretty sunshine--it was c-c-cold, and the foal was shaking.

In the last photo, he's gotten himself dead-ended in a corner and has no idea how to go in reverse.  :)

Isn't he colorful?  What do you think would be a good name?

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